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> January 24 2015, VORTEX Live @ LIGERA, MILANO, with NG and Luca Valisi

(in association with BLUE HOUR, M'AMO LIFESTYLE and ASCENSION)


drawing by Guillaume Favroult


> VORTEX - HORNS OF JERICHO [2011- Shinto records] <




> December Daydream cover of a The Cure brilliant song "Cold" (1982) <






> Nico Guerrero will be part to the Rhys Chatham Ensemble for a "surprise" concert at PALAIS DE TOKYO (Paris) /14 nov. 2012 <

Infos Palais de Tokyo


Rhys Chatham & the musicians: Jean-François Pauvros, Nico Guerrero, Xavier Boussiron, FredOx, Fab Smith (on drums), Francis Pierot (on bass), Rémi Alexandre, Stéphane Milochevitch, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Adam Hocker, Jean-Baptiste Tandé.

photos © José Costa






> Vortex Live @ MAC/VAL, sept.16 2012 <

Vortex is invited by the Mac/Val Museum (France) to participate in the "You Don't Love Me Yet" film project & live tour by the artist Johanna Billing.
Vortex will play a new version of 'You Dont Love Me Yet',
originally written and performed by Roky Erickson (13th Floor Elevators).

Here the VIDEO & INFOS







> The Vortex "Coriolis Project" is out now on Zimbalam (fr) <

Release in June 2012 of "Coriolis Project", experimental works originally recorded in 2006 and based on guitar/vocal loops.

1/ Samsãra (14'42)
2/ Feu [-] (17'38)
3/ Chiasma #2 (9,19)

You can download these 3 titles on itunes/fnac/amazon and most download platforms.




> Vortex "We Kiss"... a Psychic TV cover for a communion ritual / april 2012 <






> Vortex New Single "Horns of Jericho", july. 15 2011 / Shinto Records (US) <

"At its heart, Music for the Rising Sun is an international community effort. Musicians from around the globe have donated time, passion and inspiration for the benefit of Japan.
It is our sincere desire that our music will inspire others to give to those in  need. We also wish for the people of Japan to feel our compassion and support during this unimaginable trial. 
As the Red Cross is no longer accepting donations specific to Japan Tsunami relief we are no longer accepting donations."
   released 15 July 2011
   Coordinated by Aaron Russell
   Mastered by Oni Sakti


Vortex "Horns of Jericho" [Shinto Records 2011] from nico guerrero on Vimeo.



> The Vortex 1st lp "Eksaïphnès", originally released on "Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier", is now available on Zimbalam! <





> Vortex  "Théléma" [excerpt / 2008] <

 Excerpt video filmed @ Jokulheimar Desert / Iceland 2010
Recorded  live @ Darius Milhaud theater, Paris 2008, from the "Anti-Expander" performance.  


Vortex "Théléma" - excerpt [2008] from nico guerrero on Vimeo.




> "Musiques Quantiques" album by Nico Guerrero [unreleased] <

Collection of 17 short instrumental pieces for 4 electric guitars & percussions.

Dedicated to Annette Messager.





> Vortex live on french TV, "Des Mots de Minuit", France 2 [02.06.2002] <





> Vortex "Bois de cerf", Live @ Les Voûtes, Paris [2004] <






Creation Nico Guerrero


Materiae Melancholia I / Nico Guerrero [2011] from nico guerrero on Vimeo.





Creation Nico Guerrero / Le Dansoir Karine Saporta, Paris 15.04.2009






> LA FRANGE INDECISE (excerpt) <

Co-creation Sylvia Hillard & Nico Guerrero /2007

La Frange Indécise (excerpt) @L'Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson




> LA FRANGE INDECISE (the Undefined Border) - 2007 <

co-creation Sylvia hillard & Nicolas Guerrero


La Frange Indécise [Creation 2007] from nico guerrero on Vimeo.




> Nico Sound installations for "La Frange Indécise" [2007] <

@ Centre National de la Danse-CND (Pantin, France)



Sound installations "La Frange Indécise" [2007] from nico guerrero on Vimeo.